Cold Metal

Cold-Metal is a fire suppressing agent offering unusual cooling features. The name cold Metal descends from the extraordinary ability to absorb and ardour radiation of metal fires.

The product is a liquid fire-surpressing additive that can be used in portable and trolley extinguishing devices of HNE.

Characteristics of Cold-Metal

Features Suitable for fires class A and D
PH Values 7,0
Shelf Life External Shelf Life (closed containers) 4 years in extinguishing devices 2 years.
Main Application Fields Steel Industry, Chemical Industry, Airports, Tunneling, Fire brigades.
Main Applications Metal Fires (Magnesium Compounds, etc) Fires of solid substances.
Systems and Equipment Sprinkler systems modified, Portable and trolley extinguishing devices.

With Cold Metal for the first time possible:

Extinguising of Metal Fires

Due to the cooling efficiency of Cold Metal, quite a broad range of applications are possible.

- e.g. Cold Metal can you be used after the treatment of magnesium by moistening the splinters for prophylactic fire prevention.

Light metals in vehicle and aircraft construction

Magnesium is becoming more and more important for the construction of vehicles and aircrafts. Mainly due to the availability and low specific weight and also good processing features. The majority of modern vehicles already have a lot of magnesium parts (engine block, seat frames, etc) as it helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. This is a trend which apears to be increasing rapidly and is expected to do so for quite some time.

Risks of processing Magnesium

The processing of parts with miller, lathe or grinder implies a greater risk of fire. Magnesium dust or chipping can explode as pyrotechnic articles if their relatively low temperature is attained.

Risks of extinguishing operations in road traffic

Because of the increasing volume of traffic the fire brigades are confronted with, more and more vehicle fires are occuring containing magnesium parts.

Extinguishing of magnesium fires before Cold Metal

Prior to the discovery of Cold Metal, Magnesium Fires could not be extinguished through normal methods. For example, if an attempt was made to extinguish the fire with water, the contact of the two substances caused a splashing of small metal bullets, flying around fervently.

The only way to extinguish fires of magnesium would to apply a special powder or sand. Withal one of the main disadvantages was, that there was no cooling effect but only covering the burning object. The thereof resulting works for cleaning surmounted often many times the damages caused by the fires. A real extinction was not possible up until now!

Extinguishing of magnesium fires with Cold Metal

By applying cold metal together with the optimized high pressure extinguishing technique H.N.E. it is now possible to extinguish a magnesium fire for the first time ever! Because of this extraordinary feature for the producers of parts containing magnesium and also for the fire brigades it is now possible to fight such kinds of fires!